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Healthy Lifestyle With Aerobictease™

Balanced Diet

Facts About Weight Loss

You need to remember one rule which will be always true. You lose weight if you take in les calories than you burn. Sounds simple but it is not that easy. You can't just starve yourself. It is important to control the intake of calories.

Many people try to eat less or try to use various crash diets. This strategy only works for a short period of time but fail in the long run. The statistics show that 93% of people who loose weight this way regain everything and even more.

The key factor is for you to improve the quality of food and to start making little improvements day by day.

A Balanced Diet

Nobody can eat perfectly but the closer you get to the balanced diet the better it will be. Balanced diet means the right combination of three basic nutrients:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats

A balanced diet would include 40-60% proteins, 50-30% carbohydrates and 10% fats. The balance of the proteins and carbohydrates fluctuates depending on your goals. When you are trying to lose weight you lower the intake of carbs. When you try to maintain weight you can eat more high-carb foods.

Burn Calories

Now, let's talk about burning calories and your metabolism. Exercising is the best way to burn extra calories. In just one hour of Aerobictease you burn up to 700 calories.

Try to do the Aerobictease routine at least twice a week but if time allows you more - do not hesitate. In addition to the Aerobictease, use every opportunity to take an extra walk or spend time in the gym. You won't believe how good you feel after only two weeks.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Speeding up your metabolism is very helpful for the energy balance and fat burning. You can significantly speed up your metabolism by eating more meals a day than you are used to. Three to six small meals a day, depending on your actual diet and exercising habits, will also help you avoid extreme hunger. Extreme hunger many times causes uncontrolled overeating. When you are very hungry you don’t care about the quality of your food.

Start Today

Start today! Make a small change every day and make your first Aerobictease steps toward the healthy way.


40-60% proteins


10% fats
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