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Turn Teasing Moves Into A Real Workout!


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Aerobictease™ Moves

Andre :: Aerobictease InstructorAre you looking for something that is more fun than a regular workout?

Aerobictease™ - an aerobic dance workout with increasing popularity - offers you a new hot way by using the teasing moves of professional dancers combined in a complete aerobic system.

While you follow the easy to learn moves, your body is getting a real workout. After learning and repeating the single moves, we create a fun dance choreography to boost your confidence each workout.

The workout follows a healthy aerobics routine built on the following segments:

  • A 10 min warm up - to get ready for the real action
  • A 30 min cardio part - to work the hart rate up and burn hundreds of calories
  • A 10 min strengthening part - to target thighs, abs, hips and buns
  • A 10 min stretching part - to keep your muscles flexible.

This dance workout is for everybody and anybody. It's about learning the ways your body wants to move. It's a great opportunity for you to get fit, to improve your dancing skills and even your personal life through building up your self-confidence.

Aerobictease™ is a hot, fun and highly effective workout.

It is proven that if you are having fun you workout harder, which means better and faster results.

Most people quit exercising a couple of months after they start. If this is your case, or if you just want to try something new, Aerobictease™ is the perfect workout for you.

Aerobictease™ uses dance moves to sculpt your body so you can look like the professional dancers without being a professional dancer.





Featured Aerobictease™ Moves

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  Side lunge »   Kick back & arm lift »   Cardio butterfly »   Reach and tease »   Cardio grapevine »  
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