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Turn Teasing Moves Into A Real Workout!
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A Fun Dance Workout

Aerobictease™ Moves


Are you looking for something that is more fun than a regular workout? Aerobictease™ offers you a new hot way by using the teasing moves of professional dancers combined in a complete aerobic system.

While you follow the easy to learn moves, your body is getting a real workout. Learn more about Aerobictease™

Your Aerobictease™ routine is comprised of various dance moves and cardio exercises.

The difference from a regular aerobic workout is the fun nature of the Aerobictease™ system. It is designed as a complete cardio workout and dance choreography which builds up your self confidence.
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Aerobictease™ Instructor

Healthy Diet

Andre :: Aerobictease InstructorAndrej Kalinak, a Czech national bodybuilding silver medalist, has over 6 years of personal training experience and 3 years of experience as a professional dancer.
To make the cardio workout more fun, Andre combined aerobic and dance to create Aerobictease™ system



Fiber and Carbohydrates
Some weight management plans advocate eliminating or reducing carbohydrate consumption. This may not be ideal because healthy sources of carbohydrates contain fiber the body needs.

Healthy DietIt is recommended that adults consume 25 grams of fiber per day. Adequate dietary fiber is ideal for preventing obesity as well as other diet-related disease and for maintaining body weight. Healthy diet

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